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Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring System    2016-03-01
8th LED China 2012 | ETUNG Technology    2015-07-01
ZB-200 utilized at train-station waiting hall    2011-09-20
2011 Shanghai International LED Exhibition   2011-07-14
Marketing success for LED-528    2011-05-20
The application for vehicle remote monitoring    2011-04-25
Remote maintenance of wind power equipment  2010-05-19
MD-649 4G Wireless Data Terminal
MD-639 3G Wireless Data Terminal
MD-609G Wireless Data Terminal
3G/4G Wireless Router
ER-800 4G Wireless Router
ER-701 3G/WAN Wireless Router
MR-900W W-CDMA 3G Router
Wireless Video Terminal
MV-706 CDMA Video Terminal
LED GPRS Terminal
LED-200 GPRS Terminal
LED-528 GPRS LED Terminal
Wireless Sensor Network
ZB-200 T & H monitoring system
The release of 3G Router MR-900  
Beijing, China°™June 4, 2009°™ETUNG Technology, the leading wireless M2M product and technology provider, today announced the formal release of 3G wireless router MR-900E, MR-900W and MR-900-4. The new family of wireless router offers customers up to 7.1 Mbps high speed wireless link for video, voice and data transmission.       ...more
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