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MR-900E usedfor remote maintenance of wind power equipment

Beijing, China°™May 19, 2010°™Recently, MR-900E (high-speed EV-DO 3G router) is successfully installed in a wind farm for wind power generation remote control and monitoring. This is another wireless application for transmitting data through both network port and serial port at the same time.
     3G Router used to for remote maintenance of wind power equipment3G Router used to for remote maintenance of wind power equipment

Windmills for power generator are installed in the remote area, and each windmill has a control room. The MR-900 that installed in the control room connects to an IPC through the Ethernet port for remote control. Meanwhile, it connect to a data acquisition equipment (Datalog) through the serial port for transmitting collected data, such as wind speed, temperature, and power output etc.

This application will help the wind power installation company achieve remote operation and maintenance for wind power equipment. It reduced the maintenance cost and difficulty, and increased the service response efficiency and service quality. The outstanding data transfer speed and reliable performance for MR-900E provide high quality wireless communications link for remote control, and get high recognition and praise from the customer.

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