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The successful application for vehicle remote monitoring

Beijing, China°™April 25, 2011°™In 2011, ETUNG launched the MD-610, which is a GPRS DTU with GPS function. This product is successfully used for vehicle remote monitoring. Today, various customers use the MD-610G for remote monitoring of electric vehicle batteries, transportation vehicles and trains, as well as vehicles remote management.

In most situation, MD-610G was directly integrated into vehicle monitoring device, as the wireless communications and position indicating system. It connected to the monitoring device through a serial port and transmitted data to control center by GPRS network, such as the vehicle position, fuel level or battery level, moving speed and emergency alarms. According to these data, the administrating staff can make correct decision for effective management. (As show in the following figure)

MD-610G is an industrial grade GPRS DTU with GPS function. This product has the following characteristics, such as good reliable performance, high-performance and low power consumption. In order to meet the harsh environmental requirement, the designed working temperature for MD-610G can be as wide as £≠40°ś~£ę85°ś. Therefore, this product is an industrial grade reliable wireless location and communications equipment perfect for vehicle remote monitoring.

More details:http://www.etungtech.com.cn/en/products/md610g.asp

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