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Marketing success for LED-528

Beijing, China°™May 20, 2011°™Since ETUNG launch its LED-528 (GPRS LED combo terminal), this product has been widely accept by various LED business segments. Today, thousands of LED-528 cards have been working in various projects such as the vehicle information screen project in Shanxi, the community advertising screen project in Beijing, and the business hall information screen project in Zhejiang.

Because of its good cost performance and reliable performance, LED-528 gets wide recognition from various customers. Since LED-528 combine the GPRS transmission and LED controlling into one card, the installation and maintenance cost can be reduced significantly. This brings to our customers stronger competitive advantage, and helps them to win more projects.
           LED-528 GPRS LED Combo Terminal

More details:http://www.etungtech.com.cn/en/products/led528.asp

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