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Participating in 8th LED China 2012 | ETUNG Technology

We are an exhibitor in the 8th LED China 2012. During the exhibition, we show our full series LED wireless information release products including LED-328 and LED-528 GPRS wireless LED control modules, LED-200 GPRS wireless LED control system, LED-209 GPRS wireless LED control system, LED-100 short message release module, MR-900 series 3G wireless router, and the WEB-based remote LED information release system.

Our LED-328, LED-528 products and the wireless LED information release system attract a large number of foreign and domestic customers to visit. Our LED-328 and LED-528 products win the recognition from the customers by virtue of ultra high performance price ratio, and the convenience for installation and commissioning. During the show, we have reached the cooperative intention with many customers and confirmed a lot of orders with intention. Meanwhile, our 3G router connecting color screen control card to complete full color screen wireless information release becomes the major highlight of our show in the exhibition.

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