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  ER-701 Overview

ER-701 is a high speed 3G/WAN router. It works in 3G networks (China Unicom's WCDMA or China Telecom's CDMA2000 EVDO), can access internet and transfer video and data with high speed. Compared with ER-700 high speed 3G router, ER-701 has WAN as well; when there is cable network on the spot, ER-701 can be configured to access internet via cable network, this greatly improves the facility of project deployment.

Comparing with eTung's MR-900W 3G router, ER-701 has extended 4 Ethernet interfaces, and can connect 4 PCs via Ethernet cable at the same time. Thus when customers have multiple PCs at the spot that need to access the internet, they do not have to deploy additional hub or wireless communication devices. This can reduce device procurement cost and maintenance cost as well.

ER-701 has built-in WEB configuration interface, and is easy to use. ER-701 supports static routing, DMZ host, port forwarding and VPN, and has performance tuning function for high speed wireless applications as well. It can work stably and reliably in unattended environment.

Working in China Unicom's WCDMA network, in theory the uplink speed of data transfer is 5.76Mbps, and downlink speed is 21Mbps; working in China Telecom's CDMA2000 EVDO network, in theory the uplink speed of data transfer is 1.8Mbps, and downlink speed is 3.1Mbps. ER-701 can connect quickly with web camera, video server, PLC and IPC, and transfer data from the customer device that connects with ER-701 to a host in the internet, so as to transfer data remotely and transparently. ER-701 can be widely used in industries such as banking, road transportation, power system, environment protection and industrial controlling.

  Basic Parameters
    . Power Supply: +5 ~ +36V wide range of voltage input
    , Power Connector: inner(+) outer(-)
    , Data Interface: 4 RJ45 LAN interfaces, 1 RJ45 WAN interface
                    CDMA2000 1x/EVDO RevA
    , Memory: RAM 64M FLASH 4M
    , Frequency: UMTS/HSDPA/HSDPA850/900/1900/2100MHz
                     DMA2000 1x/EVDO RevA 800MHz
    , Temperature: -30≧ ~ +70≧
    , Humidity: 95%@+40≧
    , Dimension: 165*108*33mm

Product Type Max Current Standby Current
ER-701W 300mA@+12V DC 180mA@+12V DC
ER-701E 380mA@+12V DC 200mA@+12V DC
  Basic Function
    , Support NAT
    , Support DHCP server
    , Support DNS Proxy
    , Support port forwarding
    , Support DMZ host(IP address mapping)
    , Support VPN
    , Support dynamic domain auto-registration
    , Support configuring static route table
    , Support real-time speed display of wireless network
    , Support configuring with telnet and web interface
    , Support flow control per month, and hours per month for internet access
    , Support flow wakeup, phone wakeup and SMS wakeup

  Technical Advantages

    , Support dynamic domain auto-registration, domain resolving software is not needed
    , Support WAN interface, and provide 3G/cable network acess
    , Support Telnet and web configuration
    , Support 4 RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, at most 4 PCs(devices) can connect with it via Ethernet cable
    , Support VPN to build virtual LAN, and simply change fixed line to wireless line
    , Support configuring 3G router remotely via SMS and from server side
    , Support soft and hard watch dog, keep alive all the time
    , Support APN name auto adaption, adaptive universally with default configuration
    , Support LBS location function to check device location at any time
    , Support "eYun" platform, server building not needed and plug-and-play
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