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MD-649 4G Wireless Data Terminal
MD-639 3G Wireless Data Terminal
MD-149 4G Wireless Data Terminal
MD-609G high-powered GPRS Data Terminal
MD-600G Wireless Data Terminal
MD-600C Wireless Data Terminal
MD-610G GPRS DTU with
Wireless Router
ER-800 4G Wireless Router
ER-701 3G Wireless Router
MR-900G Wireless Router
MR-900E EV-DO 3G Wireless Router
MR-900W W-CDMA 3G Wireless Router
LED Wireless Terminal
LED-528 GPRS LED Combo Terminal
LED-200 GPRS Terminal
Wiressless Video Terminal
MV-706 CDMA Video Terminal
Wireless Sensor Network
ZB-200 T & H monitoring system
  LED-200 Overview

                                                                                                                LED-200 USER¨S GUIDE

Outdoor LED display is widely used as new media for information deployment. Currently, the LED display is either directly attached to a PC or remotely controlled by SMS through the GSM mobile communication network. For the first solution, it requires cable planning & installation, which is inconvenient costly. For the second solution, the information is not guaranteed to be real time due to the delay of GSM mobile network and functionality of the system is very limited.

Now, there is another solution, the Etung LED-200. The LED-200 allows the user to build a wireless, real time and inexpensive remote LED display information deployment system.

Function of the wireless LED system:
    , Connect to the server automatically, and keep online all the time
    , Create new program, edit program, delete program
    , Set display parameters of every program (color, speed, stay time, display mode, and etc.)
    , Set display screen parameter (horizontal pixels, vertical pixels, and etc.)
    , Publish program point to point, point to multipoint, multipoint to multipoint
    , Look over the historical program and send them to LED screen
    , Support many scan mode, such as 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1/1

- Webled is used for LED remote publishing. In Webled users can create new program and send them to LED dispaly screen. More details refer to the site: www.wuxianled.com/webled

    , Power Supply: +5V
    , Connector: inner(+) outer(-)
    , Max Current: 360mA@+5V DC
    , Standby Current: 80mA@+5V DC
    , Data interface: RS232
    , Temperature: 25≧ ~ +70≧
    , Humidity: 95%@+40≧
    , Dimensions: 103x64x24mm (not include antenna and handle)


    , Hardware flow control
    , Support TCP/IP, UDP, and TCP
    , Adjustable Heartbeat interval and timeout
    , Support always online
    , Support SMS and ring wake up (wake on line)
    , Address-IMEI Mapping technology to save wireless bandwidth


    , Serial port
    , Hyper terminal and menu configuration


    , Industrial grade MCU, module and parts
    , Build-in hardware and software watch dog
    , Built-in Stack
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