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  LED-528 Overview              

LED-528 GPRS LED Combo Terminal

LED-528 is a smart LED GPRS combo terminal for remote LED information deployment. It is not only a combination of GPRS modem and led controller card, but works perfectly with WebLED software, a web based message publishing software. It also cuts the need for the cabling of the controller and the modem and makes installation easier. Its reliability and competitive price offer customers a best price performance solution. The release of LED-528 marks the revolution of LED publishing.

   System Introduction              

1) Introduction
LED-528 is directly attached to LED display by 8 pin or 12 pin interface and connect to an information display web server through GPRS network, and customers just need to log into the web server for controlling remote LED display anytime and anywhere.
         LED-528 GPRS LED Combo Terminal

2) Parameters
Model LED-528
Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Control Range 512*64 Dual Color
Scanning Mode 1/16£¬1/8£¬1/4
Scanning Interface two 8 pin interface£¬four 12 pin interface
Configuration RS-232¡¢SMS
Wireless Communication GPRS
Power Supply 5V £¨2A Peak Current£©
Extended Interface Support Temp. Sensor¡¢ON-OFF¡¢Key
Temperature -25~+ 70¡æ

3) WEBLED Information Publish and Management System
WEBLED Software
Based on mServer+WEB Server technology£¬it supports a large number (more than 10 thousand) of remote LED publishing demands. Users can set up its own server or choose etung¡¯s server for free trial.

Web Server
By accessing the website http://www.wuxianytk.com/webled3/ through a browser such as IE, Firefox or Chrome, users can operates multiple LED displays remotely through wireless connection. Typical operations include message editing, publishing, or deleting etc. All the controlling instructions will be sent to the mServer first and then transmitted to LED-528 through INTERNET and GPRS. LED-528 controls the LED display through directly connected serial port.
        LED-528 GPRS LED Combo Terminal

4) Function of the wireless LED system

  • Connecting the LED display to the server automatically and keep online all the time
  • Setting display parameters for every program £¨color, moving speed, stay time, display mode, and etc.£©
  • Set display screen parameter£¨horizontal pixels, vertical pixels, and etc£©
  • High-speed reception (Max speed could be within 5 second)
  • Using WEBLED software, we can easily divide the LED display to many sub-regions.
  • Supporting display multi-programs and display at a fixed time
  • Supporting simulative clock, animation and display test
  • Supporting program storage and load
  • Built-in 16 and 32 lattice Character of Chinese and English font
  • Publishing program can be transmit through point to point, point to multipoint, multipoint to point and multipoint to multipoint
  • Creating new massage , editing massage, and deleting massage
  • Search the historical massage and monitoring the massage on every LED display
  • Return notice, the LED-528 card will send a notice back to the control center while receive a new massage, so that the control center will know if the remote point had take action for the new massage.

  Dimension and installation
          LED-528 GPRS LED Combo Terminal

               LED-528 GPRS LED Combo Terminal
User can integrate LED-528 into users¡¯ equipment base on install environment. Location of interface and size drawing as showed above.
  • Digital City
    Display weather information, news or government announcement etc.
  • Bus advertising
    Attach the LED display on buses for play advertising program
  • School information system
    Display academic activity information, meeting announcement, and school requirement etc.
  • Intelligentized community
    Display community information, news, and weather information
  • Trading market
    Display trading price for various product
  • Superstore
    Display on sale information, new products information etc.
  • Restaurant and Bar
    Display special recommendation, birthday greeting, party greeting etc.
  • Others
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