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MD-649 4G Wireless Data Terminal
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  MD-649 Overview

MD-649 is a 4G DTU produced by eTung in 2015. Compared with traditional GPRS DTU, MD-649 works in 4G network, and has capability of high-speed data transfer. It supports LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/ HSPA+/TD-SCDMA/GSM network modes that include China Mobile¨s wide-covering TD-LTE and China Unicom & China Telecom¨s LTE-FDD networks. It supports China Mobile and China Unicom¨s 2G/3G networks as well, in case 4G network signal is weak, it can work in 2G/3G networks. In LTE 4G network, in theory the downlink speed can reach 100Mbps, and uplink speed can reach 50Mbps. Compared with China Unicom¨s WCDMA 3G network(downlink speed 14.4Mbps and uplink speed 5.76Mbps), the speed of 4G network is 10 times higher than WCDMA 3G network. Therefore, MD-649 4G DTU is much suitable in occasions that have large quantity of data transfer or have high real-time property.

MD-649 has built-in industry-level 4G module, with data transfer more stable and efficient. It has more flexible interfaces and ways of software integration; it can be regarded by customers as an easy-to-use and useful 4G DTU product.

MD-649 can connect quickly with RTU, PLC, or IPC, and implement remote and transparent data transfer. It can be used widely in various industries related to ^Internet of things ̄.

    , It supports China Mobile and China Unicom¨s 2G/3G/4G networks, and China Telecom¨s 4G network
    , The serial port DB9 pins support RS232 and RS485 at the same time, and the serial port type(RS232 or RS485) can be configured via DTU configuration software or remote control
    , It can connect with mServer, and other kinds of data center software as well
    , It can be used without shell; the size without shell is smaller, and there are preserved installation holes that can be easily integrated into customer¨s device
    , It supports use cases such as point to point, point to multiple points, and serial to serial port
    , It uses industrial components and can be used in adverse environment; It can work within -40≧~+85≧ temperature range
    , In electric power industry, MD-649 can be used in data transfer areas such as reactive compensation, distribution monitoring, electric meter reading and lamp monitoring
    , In water application industry, MD-649 can play in wireless communication areas such as water meter reading, water resource remote monitoring, and water transportation network monitoring
    , In environment protection area, MD-649 can fully deserve 4G soldier in pollution online monitoring system such as Continuous Emission Monitoring System(CEMS), water quality monitoring system
    , In device maintenance area, such as elevator monitoring and air-conditioner monitoring, MD-649 can be embedded quickly into customer¨s appliance and implement 4G wireless data transfer
    , In heating industry, MD-649 can connect with MBUS concentrator to implement heating meter reading, implement remote data transfer for household heating measurement; it can also connect with PLC or collector to implement remote monitoring of heat exchange station
  Basic Parameters
    . Power Supply: +5 ~ +36V wide range of voltage input
    , Power Connector: inner(+) outer(-)
    , Network:
    , Frequency:
       Four-Band TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41
       Four-Band FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8
       Dual-Band TD-SCDMA B34/B39
       Dual-Band UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B1/B8
       GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 900/1800MHz
    , Data interface: RS232/485
    , Working current: 125 mA@+12V DC
    , Standby current: 90 mA@+12V DC
    , Temperature: -40≧~ +85≧
    , Humidity: 95%@+40≧
    , Dimensions: 103x64x24mm (excluding antenna and handle)
    , Adjustable baud rate on data interface
    , Support hard flow control on serial interface
    , Support standard TCP/IP protocol with both TCP and UDP
    , Adjustable heart-beat interval and time-out value
    , Support always online
    , Support SMS and ringing tone wakeup(wakeup online)
    , Support Address-IMEI Mapping to save wireless bandwidth
    , Host CPU: 32-bit ARM processor
    , Built-in soft/hard watch dog
    , Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack
  Data Center
    , Support domain name
    , Compatible with various data center software
    , Configurable via serial port
    , Configurable via hyper terminal with menus

  Technical Advantages

    , Built-in industry-level 4G module with data transfer more stable and efficient
    , Supports China Mobile and China Unicom¨s 2G/3G/4G networks, and China Telecom¨s 4G network
    , Support point-to-point and multipoint-to-point communication with 4G wireless network at both ends
    , Support connecting to 4 data centers at the same time
    , The serial port DB9 pins support RS232 and RS485 at the same time, and the serial port type(RS232 or RS485) can be configured via DTU configuration software or remote control
    , Support sending SMS
    , Support 4G and SMS as backup
    , Support modifying DTU configurations via SMS
    , Support modifying DTU configurations remotely at server side
    , Support querying SIM card number remotely, checking SIM card balance and traffic within DTU
    , Support device remote re-boot
    , Support 4G APN name auto-adaption
    , Support LBS location
    , Support eYun platform, server building not needed and plug-and-play
    , Support chuankoutong, virtual serial port programming not needed
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