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  MR-900W Overview

MR-900W, developed by ETUNG, is a high speed plug & play wireless data device or as named as 3G wireless router. For small office, remote site or mobile office, MR-900W is an ideal device to access the Internet for email, web browsing, ftp and image/video transfer. It creates a fast, secure, reliable and easy-to-use wireless network for small business. It is also good for applications such as AMR or remote control.

MR-900W is based on ARM 9 platform, built-in WCDMA 3G wireless module, embedded Linux system and TCP/IP protocol stack.

Featured by high speed bandwidth, embedded protocols such as TCP/UDP/IP, NAT, DHCP and proxy, supporting static routing, DMZ host, port forwarding, VPN and etc, MR-900W provides high performance and stable network connection via its RJ45 or RS232 port. It has been used for many applications such as mobile banking, security surveillance, power metering, environmental monitoring and many other fields.



    · Frequency:
          WCDMA: 2100M/1900M/850M
          GSM: 850M/900M/DCS 1800M/PCS 1900M
   · Down link speed: Max 7.2Mbps
   · Up link speed: Max 5.76Mbps
   · Memory: RAM 64M FLASH 4M
   · Power: +5V~+36V DC( anode inside and cathode outside)
   · Max work current: 800mA@+5V DC
   · Idle current: 220mA@+5V DC
   · CPU frequency: 200MHZ
   · Receive sensitivity: 104dbm
   · Transmitting power: 23~30dbm
   · Data interface: RS232/RJ45
   · Configuration: RS232
   · Working temperature: -20 ---- +65
   · Relative humidity: 95%@+40
   · Physical dimension: 80x104x38mm


   · Main CPU: 32 bit ARM processor
   · Industrial grade components
   · Watch-dog enabled
   · built-in Linux system
   · embedded TCP/IP protocol


   · Support WCDMA network
   · Support VPDN
   · Configure from RS232/telnet/web
   · Support remote configuration
   · Support local/remote firmware update
   · Support DNS proxy and Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
   · Support WAN DHCP client getting static IP
   · Support DHCP Server
   · Support DMZ host
   · Support port forwarding


  · Web browsing and email for small office/remote site
  · Remote Utility Metering & Sub-Metering
  · Vending Machines Monitoring
  · Elevators & Escalators
  · HVAC & Condition Monitoring
  · ATM video surveillance
  · Street light control
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