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ZB-200 T & H monitoring system
  ZB-200 Overview              

ZB-200 is a state of art wireless plug and play temperature and humidity monitoring system. The competitive advantages for this system are cost effective; easy and fast to build up the network etc. This system is based on Modbus interface protocol. We can collect and monitor the temperature and humidity data through this wireless system. The working frequency for the system is 433MHz ISM band. To meet different monitoring requirement, we provide 2 kind of sensor for the system which are ZB-200SE and ZB-200SP.

ZB-200SE can precisely meter the air temperature and humidity around the sensor, and the size for the device is very small (75x55x28mm). It¡¯s suitable for inner room temperature and humidity monitoring. (See the following figure)

ZB-200SP is built to meet industrial standard for waterproof and harsh circumstance. It can optionally provide outlay sensor probe and outlay antenna. ZB-200SP can only meter temperature but not humidity degree. (See the following figure)

ZB200 can provide temperature and humidity monitoring for office building, waiting hall, medicine storage, and greenhouse as well as motor shaft and conveyor axel etc. This system can provide long term temperature and humidity monitoring for various circumstances.

The ZB-200 system is integrated from the sensor (ZB-200SE/ZB-200SP), the repeater (ZB-200RP), and the receiver (ZB-200RC). The power supplier for ZB-200SE/ZB-200SP is 1 AA lithium battery, the life time for the battery is usually 1 year. The power suppliers for ZB-200RP and ZB-200RC are 5 volt DC power suppliers.

When we set up a temperature and humidity monitoring system, we just fix one or more sensors (ZB-200SE/ZB-200SP) at the desired place. It is easy to add or reduce monitoring point since the sensor is powered by battery and no cable needed. When we turn on the power for the sensor, it automatically searches for receiver or repeater nearby, and makes the connection automatically. After making the connection, sensors will collect the temperature and humidity data periodically and send to the repeaters or receivers. By using ZB-200, it is easy and fast to build up a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring net work.

Since every part of the ZB-200 is designed for low power application, the maximum transmit range for ZB-200 is 300 meter (without block) for each jump. For longer distance transmission we can use more jumps. Within the temperature and humidity monitoring system, the receiver is connects to the control center by a serial port. By using appropriate temperature and humidity control device and software, we can build up automatic control system with ZB-200. The real case for this application is an automatic control system for medicine storage in a pharmaceutical company. In order to keep the room temperature and humidity at a set point, we installed several sensors (ZB-200SE) inside the storage. These sensors collect the temperature and humidity information, and send to the receiver through a few repeaters, and the receiver is connected to the control center. If one of the sensors detects the temperature or humidity degree out of the range, then the control center will turn on some devices and keep the temperature and humidity back into the setting range. By using ZB-200 for nonstop temperature and humidity data collecting, we achieve the close loop automatic control for this medicine storage.


  Network planning

Short-range wireless temperature and humidity monitoring

Long-range wireless temperature and humidity monitoring
   Specifications of the Receiver and the Repeater

    ¡¤ Power Supply£º +5V/1A Adapter
    ¡¤ Working Temperature£º £­40¡æ ~ £«80¡æ
    ¡¤ Frequency£º430.0-434.7MHZ
    ¡¤ RF Power£º10mW
    ¡¤ MAX Points£º 200 Points (include repeaters)
    ¡¤ 1 Jump Range£º300m (without block)

  Specifications of the sensor

    ¡¤ Power Supplier£º AA lithium battery
    ¡¤ Temperature Precision£º1¡æ
    ¡¤ Humidity Precision£º ¡À2.0%RH (just for ZB-200-SE)
    ¡¤ Working Temperature£º£­40¡æ ~ £«80¡æ
    ¡¤ Frequency£º430.0-434.7MHZ
    ¡¤ RF Power£º10mW (sleep mode)
    ¡¤ Transmission Range£º200m (Without Block)
  Network Mode

    ¡¤ Multiple sensors to one receiver
    ¡¤ Multiple sensors to multiple receivers
    ¡¤ Multiple path repeating


    ¡¤ Adjustable reporting interval for sensor
    ¡¤ database Back up
    ¡¤ Historical data accessible
    ¡¤ Generating Chart available
    ¡¤ Display and restore alarm information
    ¡¤ Battery level alarm

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